22 May 2014

Yay for Pennsylvania!

This is just a thought. I have opinions too. 
I believe firmly in the institution of marriage. I don't see why only straight people should suffer under it :) 

This is a human rights issue, not a gay rights issue. It makes me happy to see State after State reversing it's ban on same sex marriage, and getting on the right side of history. 

I think one day we will look back and see this issue as we see slavery - how could we have been so prejudiced to defend it?
So YAY for Pennsylvania, and YAY for Oregon!

12 April 2014

I'm still here...

I haven't gone away...I'm still here, on the line. The last couple months have been really busy with moving continents, finding a place to live, figuring out a new city, walking the pampered pooch, not meeting new people, and not finding a job :) 

And Drawingdan has not been the last thing on my mind...just one of the last things. It's hard to figure out what to draw next when you feel like you're a monkey who's been given the keys to a banana plantation. Where do I start?

I'd be lying if I said it's not overwhelming at times. You poke fun at a continent for years and then you end up in it. In that way I feel like a monkey holding a Gorillas banana ;) eeeep.
Politics: Half the time here I feel like a monkey with a banana sideways in my mouth. I just can't stop smiling from the things some people say or write ontheline. Of course it must be said that Zimbabwean, and South African Politics get pretty disastrous/hilarious/tragic/depressing/bizarre at times, but when it's home you feel way more involved. And you expect the power of the shower from African Politics. Just saying. 

Everywhere is the same except where its different.


26 November 2013


I can't say I like the small ferrets on mens upper lip in this month. I understand Cancer Awareness. I understand Facial Hair. But I don't understand What They Have In Common. 

It makes me feel uncomfortable. Even the mere word 'Mustache' makes me feel uncomfortable. The more November progresses, the more uncomfortable I feel, and right now, I'm hiding in my house. And I'm pretty sure the longer a man's mustache gets the creepier he feels :) 

As someone put on their Facebook status recently - it would be a lot better for Cancer awareness if every single man went and had an annual checkup instead. If we must have the creepycrawlies, then at least it should be restricted to those men that have had a checkup. Or something. 

I came up with 5 stages to this month :) 'Outright Social Ostracism' tends to arrive with an irritating haircut in Cape Town. I'm just saying :) 

Incidentally, now that we are on the subject of Facial Hair, and Fine Mustaches,  lets talk about my PerfectPooch (and why not). My PerfectPooch has got many fine compliments from men this month on her Lady Beard and Epic Mustache.  Her tip to a well groomed beard is to keep it moist with duck poo :)

...And while we're on the subject of a perfect little pooch, I may as well show you another picture of her dancing with her Winter Weight.  She got a little tubby this year.When she gets the zooms she throws one little front paw out at a different angle. It makes me very happy :)

23 October 2013

Important Drawingdan changes!

Drawing Dan is changing. In fact it almost disappeared. I got keyboard happy and almost deleted it. This upset the Dan in Drawingdan. So after much deliberation Drawingdan remains, but with changes! There will be no more work/photography/logo related posts. I have deleted most of those. Only Dan, and Esk and I, and other silly things that make me laugh at the expense of others.

Updation (new made up word meaning the act of updating something) has been irregular as I have been building a new website, and a new work-related-blog! Building websites is not easy. But with the help of Google, lynda.com, and Adobe MUSE (I can see web developers cringing) I built an AMAZING website all by myself with that internet assembled education I was just referring to. 
here it is: www.tanyaadams.net

So thanks for supporting Drawingdan, and from now on it will only be fun!
If you want to keep up to date with the work I do my new facebook group is here

28 September 2013

The Right to Bear Arms

Whilst gathering and growing my internet-assembled-education I found quite a disturbing blog by a gun toting, religiously-culturally-politically intolerant, unpleasant-sounding character, who's list of 'things I will NOT tolerate' in his about page were longer than the things he loved, and believed. He said he had a right to Bear arms, which I thought was quite unusual, and not very nice. Did anyone ask the Bears?

He also put 'Religious Freedom' in his beliefs, but then put a very specific religion in his list of things he would NOT tolerate....

I find it a teeny-bit-quite-a-lot-a-bit ridiculous that there exists a religious phenomena, in which the right to religious freedom can be fiercely protected, but this same 'freedom' simultaneously justifies intolerance toward all who practice a religion other than their own.

 I'm just saying.

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, unless I say so :) 

And don't you look silly with your right to Bear arms. 

And so you ask - Well what is your opinion on the right to Bear Arms?
- I think that's really an issue for Bears.

But really...alright then - do you think one has the right to own weapons?
- Well, that's a completely separate issue now isn't it?
p.s I don't mean to make fun of anyone here except for the people I'm making fun of.

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